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About Us

Urban Health Group provides assistance navigating the complex healthcare and behavioral health maze, reducing your stress and giving you tools to make informed choices for care. Our approach is collaborative and we partner with you to explore and access the care you deserve for your health and mental health needs. We value building trusted relationships with businesses for staff training needs; assisting corporations and government entities seeking consultation on consumer healthcare and mental health issues.

Urban Health Group LLC is an Alameda County SLEB, Certified Emerging Business ( Cert # 19-00037).

Let’s work together as you plan to be well and live a quality life.

​Why Is Urban Health Important?

Members of racial and ethnic minorities are less likely to receive preventive health services, often receive lower-quality care, and also have worse health outcomes for certain conditions.

While cities can bring opportunities, they can also bring challenges for better health. It is known that many societal issues like unemployment, traumatic experiences, drugs, and other factors can negatively impact health. Populations in urban areas who are at risk for disease, disability, and premature death make cities special places for focusing on the promotion of health and total wellness.

Urban Health Group was formed with the core value that everyone deserves quality care. We provide a bridge between healthcare navigation and mental health support. ​​

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Leading Specialists

Our team are medical social workers, licensed therapists, and medical doctors with experience in acute care hospitals, outpatient healthcare, and private practice settings.


We are designed specifically to service B.I.P.O.C. by highly trained B.I.P.O.C. professionals in a preventive and proactive manner. We use a social justice lens to address issues of intergenerational and racial trauma impact on health; and an awareness of historical and current experience of oppression impact on individuals and communities.

Human-Centered Design

We understand the uniqueness of individuals within communities. We collaborate with individuals, communities and organizations for custom care needs

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