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Healthcare Planning

What is healthcare planning/counseling?

Mental healthcare plans are, in essence, roadmaps used by therapists, doctors, and counselors to help guide the direction of a patient’s mental health therapy. These plans provide focus and direction to the health care providers and the patient, which allows positive change to occur. These plans make it easier for patients to overcome mental health challenges while ensuring patient safety and adequate treatment. These plans also allow the patients to view their mental health struggles as an experience in their lives, rather than an identifier of who they are as people.

What are the steps involved in creating a healthcare plan?

In order to effectively create a mental healthcare plan, a mental health professional will need to get some information from their patient, conduct a mental health assessment, and discuss the patient’s goals for treatment and the future. Mental healthcare plans are ever-changing things that require revision and updating throughout the course of treatment. That being said, you should work from a template with the following elements:

  1. Patient Info
  2. Diagnosis Summary
  3. Patient Problems and Goals
  4. Patient and Provider Signatures

What is the purpose of healthcare planning?

Healthcare planning is a great tool for helping patients reframe their mindset about their mental health issues and the journey toward recovery. In many cases, mental health struggles can feel so daunting that it is difficult to envision a future without them. Healthcare plans allow patients to see the process as a linear and progress-based journey rather than a David vs. Goliath fight. These plans also help professionals stay on track with treatment and periodically revise their approach to serve the patient’s goals.

Why is healthcare planning important?

Healthcare planning is an important element in many types of mental health treatment. It allows you and your providers to communicate clearly about your issues and goals and implement treatments gradually in a guided fashion. These plans also help to ensure that all of your health care providers are on the same page regarding your treatment. In many cases, you may have multiple doctors helping you with your mental health struggles, and having a comprehensive plan allows everyone to understand the overall objectives and the methods for achieving them. Additionally, having a mental healthcare plan is a great way to track your progress and identify which treatments are working and which may need revisiting.

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