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Mental Health Support

Urban Health Group provides information and referrals for mental health support in California through our
subsidiary company, Urban Catalyst Psychotherapy.

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Urban Catalyst Psychotherapy Schedule a Consultation with Leticia

Leticia is a licensed psychotherapist in California who works with adults to manage day-to-day life stressors and traumatic experiences.

Her practice is holistic. Learn healthy ways of coping with your challenges through an integrative approach. She also specializes in Medical Psychotherapy for adults with health conditions, as well as caregivers and supportive family members. Trained in EMDR, Certified Clinical Trauma Professional, and Certified in Brainspotting.

Benefits of therapy

  • Can improve chronic stress and provide emotional relief
  • Can reduce physical symptoms and boost your physical health.
  • Safe space to untangle and explore complicated situations without judgment
  • Can create long-lasting, positive life changes
  • Can help you rewire your brain to experience happiness and calm emotions
People frequently ask:

When is a good time to start therapy?

Why go to therapy when I can just get advice from friends and family?

How long are counseling sessions?