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NASW-CA Vaccine Forum Recap

Steps to Overcoming Teenage Anger

Social workers, clinicians, and community-based providers are experiencing the mental health impacts of COVID-19 right alongside our clients and communities. We ourselves are navigating our own decisions about whether or not we receive the vaccine, if our loved ones should, and if we should encourage our colleagues or staff members to do so, or our clients. In order to better equip ourselves with stronger clinical tools in our toolbox to address questions about the medical science behind vaccines and the trauma-informed conversations we engage our clients in, this Vaccine Forum featuring Guest Speakers Leticia Vaca, LCSW and CEO of Urban Health Group LLC and Dr. Marcus Williams, MD and Emergency Department Physician at Sutter Health and Medical Advisor at Urban Health Group LLC will elucidate up-to-date information about the vaccine and deeper considerations about how to effectively support ourselves as providers AND communities of color. Through this event, we will create space for recognizing the history of harms marginalized communities have experienced at the hands of healthcare and government institutions, and work to demystify some of the theories and conceptions that have spread throughout our communities about the vaccine.



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